Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday Morning

Yes, I am at it again.


I am right back at the Daisy.  I fully intend to stay in my comfort level with this last one.  The deadline for having completed what ever we are doing with the Daisy is Halloween.  I have plenty of time to get this funky one done.


I opened the windows yesterday because it was a beautiful day in the mid 70º's.  A burst of wind must have came into the studio while I wasn't in it because low and behold, my four patch quilt top that was gifted to me by niece Lauren was lying on the floor.  I have had it for at least ten years and did nothing with it other than have it permanently on my design wall.  She left this world eight years ago and I smile every time I see her little quilt top.  It now holds lots of pins I have received for different venues and quilting things I have picked up in my quilting travels.

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