Monday, August 01, 2016

A Grand Weekend!

A great weekend was has by all. The weather, on the whole, was very lovely; not to hot or humid but mostly sunny and mild, good enough for water sports but because of the riptide, there was, once again, very little beach.


My Maggie sent me a recipe last week that looked promising so I got the ingredients and made it for the clan this past weekend.  It's nectarine mascarpone gingerbread crust tart and it was simple to make and delicious.

It didn't call for removing the skin of the nectarine but I just couldn't let that go, especially because they are not cooked.  Try it; you'll like it!

Not much was accomplished this past weekend except a lot of gabbing and knitting and eating.  One thing we (Mike and I) did was put up our current group quilt pieces on the design wall to put in an order

that was visually appealing.  This is Mikes top, on the design wall and pinned up to aid in switching around blocks to make it stand out.


This is my blocks pinned up.  I plan on putting them together and maybe adding some borders, or maybe not.  Mine was easier to put together than Mikes because all the colored fabric was batik and so there was no right or wrong side to the fabric.  The pattern is called Flight Delight and it was in the last Modern Patchwork Magazine.


Claudia said...

I say no mention of how your favorite Sister in law, helped the two of you by stacking together all of the cut-out pieces to make sure no two were matched up....just sayin'.

Claudia said...'s early that should have said "I saw no mention"