Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Breakfast at Tiffanys

I saw this egg benedict muffin for breakfast/brunch on The Food Network. It was on the Patricia Heaton show about get togethers. I thought I would make it for the gang last weekend but that never came about. Everyone gets up at different times and someone is always last (me) and the guys were golfing - you get the picture. I had all the makings so I made them last night for dinner. What a shock! They were fantastic!


I did change up the recipe a bit.  First off, I didn't use small refrigerated biscuits; I used the Grand Buttermilk Buscuits and split them in half.  They came out of the tins perfectly.  I did spray them generously with Pam.

I also used pork chop meat instead of canadian bacon.  I cooked them for 23 minutes because when I took them out  at 20 minutes, I saw some of that white that was slimy on top so I moved it around with my knife and gave them three more minutes.

The hollandaise sauce was sublime.  Unfortunately, culinary school taught me that this sauce does not save well and therefore, using 2 1/4 sticks of butter for six muffins may possibly be overkill.  I made six and I had one and G had four.  There was one left over (did you do the math?) so I plopped it in glad ware and put it in the freezer to test and see if it can be frozen and then thawed and warmed.  Time will tell.


Robin Walston said...

I'm going to check out this recipe because I love eggs benedict. Thanks for the tip.

Robbie said...

Bookmarked and will try perhaps this weekend! Oh, 'check' I mean quilt 12x12 is in the mail!

Robin Koos said...

I must find this recipe, it sounds delish. I always make gobs of hollandaise during the holidays, so I always have leftover. I fold in plain whipped cream (unsweetened) with the leftover hollandaise. We serve it with steamed broccoli, etc. The heat from the veg heats up the lighted hollandaise. It's even good cold this way.