Saturday, August 06, 2016

Bye Bye

The craigslist debacle is over. Within a couple of  hours after G visited  St. Stans, a church in a neighboring town that has a resale shop, they came over  ( two old men and a woman with kitten heels on!) and got the couch and recliners.


They were ever so appreciative and were in and out in a flash.  Now there is a lot more floor space showing.  Our new stuff, will be coming on Wednesday and except when the house is full of company, the only person that uses the couch is Bella, and an occasional nap for G.  I was very surprised that the underside of the couch and recliners  were so very clean.  I was all set to be embarrassed but I practiced embarrassment in vein.  I suppose I could have moved the furniture to check for myself before they got here but nah, I didn't care that much.

Check out this adorable thank you card I got from Chrissie for her visit last weekend with my daughter.  It took me a minute.

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Robbie said...

The card is a hoot! My friend and I went to an art fair today and a store had cards...they are like the one you recd..check out their website! Their cards are a hoot too!!