Friday, August 05, 2016

Craigslist….. Yikes!!

I have a 108" terra cotta colored (two sides) leather couch in perfect condition except for some dog scratches and some fading on the back along with  two eggplant leather recliners with scratches (belts and dogs) on craigslist.  I had manic immediate people wanting them.  Oh, I forgot to mention that they are free.  Then I waited on three separate occasions for people to come yesterday, including one at 7 p.m. that never showed.  I don't get it.  I mean they are desperate for them and yet, no shows.  G is going to Catholic Charities today to show them pictures of how great the furniture is and hopefully they will come and get them.  It has only been a day with craigslist, but it's a royal pain in the neck.  I will not be alone when someone comes for the stuff so that screws up other peoples schedules and the communication alone is daunting.  I spent most of yesterday just waiting!

The new furniture is coming the beginning of next week and I would rather have a cleared space to put it rather than a furniture store in the living room!

I did manage to get the center part of the striped daisy pinned and even got

a few of the petals sewn.  I will continue to work on it today.

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Robbie said...

I still love, love, love this piece!!!! I'm not a big fan of Craig's list...glad you make sure someone is there! Do you have "purple heart" in your area? They pick up....too bad with folks calling and not showing up...go figure!