Tuesday, August 02, 2016

I Love A List

Yesterday I decided to make a list of stuff I need to address before I head back to Florida, which is in about five weeks. The list was for this week. It is a great motivator and I managed to complete four out of the seven things on the list, although two of the checked off the list items are a daily chore. It just gets a check mark instead of a scratch it out.


Finishing this Flight Delight quilt top was on the list and although I crossed it off, now I am considering  a possible border to it.  I will spend the rest of the day deciding.  Right now it measures 55'' x 73'' and I feel like it wants to be bigger.  What do you think?

The item on the list I insist on finishing is the piecing of the new striped daisy top. I have four of the stripes done and have the last three cut out and ready to finish.  That is my goal today or at worst today and tomorrow.

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Robbie said...

I agree a border would be a nice addition...lists are good! I have mental lists and have had them on 'paper' as well..actually, they are on my phone in an app!! Have my grocery list on an app (always have my 'list' with me!)....I don't even want to think about heading back to Florida!!! I'm never ready until the wind blows and my eyelashes start to freeze!