Wednesday, August 31, 2016



I had quite a mess this morning.  While sitting at the  computer, I spilt coffee on my desk.  I have had nothing but trouble since then.  I have had to do lots of stuff and I still can't get my monitor to work.  Thankfully it didn't touch the keyboard and I have another mouse.

These are the quilters and for some reason, I can't separate these two pictures.  Anyway, those are the quilters, working diligently.  I don't know where my sister is when I took this picture.  Probably doing dishes or something.

The quilt next to the quilters is to show you the beautiful custom work Peggy had done on her Happily Scrappily quilt.

Oh, wait.  Now the photo of the quilters is gone.  I am going nuts.

Here is some of the quilting that you can see on the back.

This is the border.

This is the finished quilt.  I have one made myself and am just finishing up on the binding.

This is the quilt top I did, before quilting.

These are examples of the progress Anne is having with practicing on the long arm.

It looks pretty professional to me.

This is a close up of a thimble quilt the Peggy found hidden in plain sight at her house.  I have to go take a nap; this computer has made me tired!

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Robbie said...

Kalee jumped up on my lap and hit my cup (while it was headed towards me mouth!) and my battery has been fried since then! Too cheap to buy a new battery for the laptop so I just keep plugging it in! HA I have tablet and phone if I need to walk around (for whatever reason!) to look at something! HA
Good your keyboard didn't get wet...monitor cable or hook up area might have got wet...just make sure no wet spots around the mechanism is totally dry. Shutting down for awhile can help. It may need a nap too!