Thursday, August 04, 2016

Quite Colorful

By the way, if you click on anything that is pink printing you can click it and go to the source; mostly the source would be a recipe.  I try to give you all the recipes I talk about without having to type them all myself.  Time saver.

I have the basic part of the new 'striped' daisy done.


It was an interesting technique and quite labor intensive to get the petals to somewhat
meet together at the same place.  It was mostly doing over several parts after the strip was basted together with it's next row.  I did this quilt top from right to left, which I have never done before and wonder now why I did that.  It is doubly odd in that I am left handed and anything that doesn't start on the left to me is wrong.  Anyway, today is pinning and thinking about quilting and what to do with the center of the daisy and what to do about then stuff under the petals that I painted before.  Probably will paint it again after it is quilted or skip it depending on what the flower looks like quilted.

My sis, sil and dd did lots of shopping on line this past weekend.  I got three things from Anthropoligie that I have already tried on and repacked to return.  They were all too big and for some reason, very heavy in weight.  I got new black and white trainers that I purchased a half size bigger because I have had lots of trouble with trainers and my lifts and orthodics and rubbing my feet in places that don't feel good.  They worked out perfectly; in fact I have them on this minute.

I also got the first of three jelly rolls I ordered.  My sis found this one and I am in

love with it.  My sis and I fell in love with a quilt we saw on line and Mike did the math and the draw up of it and figured out how much fabric (mostly 1 1/2" strips) and our friend Anne wants to do it too.  I will have to cut down these 2 1/2" strips and will be left with 1 inch strips.  Yeah!  Yet another challenge as to how to use leftover sizes of strips.

That will me the start of next weeks weekend project.


Robbie said...

I am fascinated by this flower piece! Really cool!!!!

Robbie said...

looks like your quilt will be delivered to business Friday (8/5)...I meant to send to your house instead...oh'll get it eventually, right! 9500111923026216007841

Gayle from MI said...

Loving the flower quilt!