Monday, August 22, 2016

Rolling Around

I decided to get off my rump yesterday after the kids left and make some food.  I first went to the store and got some wonton wrappers to finish up making the cheeseburger little egg rolls I made for the kids
visiting friends.  Those are finished and frozen already.  And I am way too lazy to go into the garage and into the freezer to photograph them.  You can visualize them.

After finishing them, I decided on a version of Valerie Bertinelli's southwestern egg rolls.  I used the usual ingredients and added ground beef (for G) and black olives (for me).

As is usual, I made way too much filling.  I finished off
48 big egg rolls and will probably do another 30 as wonton size.

The egg rolls took a half a cup of filling.

I covered them with beaten egg so that with baking them rather than frying them,


they would and did come out of the oven with a wonderful color.  And they were num!


SpikeMuffin said...

Lazy? Yeah, right!

SpikeMuffin said...

Lazy? Yeah, right!

Claudia said...

Those look amazing.

pam in sw florida said...

look yummy and baked. is there a recipe? I did not see one on Tommy Cooks