Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Big Day

Way back when, I'd say a month ago when blueberry season started here (a little later than the norm). I managed to pick, oh, no, picked up, a five pound box of the morsels. As of this week, I hadn't touched them. I decided to make blueberry muffins for my company for the next two weekends. I googled the best blueberry muffins ever and the recipe that came out of that google search

landed me these thirty hideous muffins and cut my blueberry stash down by 5 cups.  They all went in the trash.  It was like that wonderful recipe you asked your sister in law for and you know damn well that she left some ingredient out that was pivotal to creating perfection.  That must be the case in these less than edible creations.  They say you eat with your eyes first, and it wasn't happening in this case.  They even made the muffin papers look demented!!  Even the garbage was reluctant to accept them!!!


I started over and made what I have made for many years; blueberry crumble bread.  I say stick with  what you know.

I am taking off shortly with the family to go to the first ever trip to Muskegon, Michigan.  I will share it all with you tomorrow.  It is a short 2 hours and 6 minutes away.  G supposedly made reservations for hotel rooms but they are nowhere to be found and therefore, at this late notice, we will be coming home after that event.  That would get me home in time for Beat Bobby Flay.  Thank goodness for Michigan being on Eastern time!

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Robbie said...

You mean the hotel isn't to be found? Hmmmm Or just the reservation? Well, this way Bella won't be lonely! HA I have a blueberry tea bread recipe from the 90s I still use to this day! Like you say...stick with what you know. It's always been a hit and ladies ask for the recipe whenever I serve it. Guys just gobble it up! HA