Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Girls Trip

We had a great girls weekend.  Rain was threatened but it only came slightly and did not in anyway make the trip less than perfect.  We checked into our hotel and Jayne and Martha checked out the bed's comfort.

Then we lunched at McCormick and Shmidt and met up with our tour guide.  The tour didn't turn out so well but that was probably a good thing.

We went to a rooftop bar.  Martha was wondering all around the place;

She was especially interested in the view and the foliage.

She checked out the chefs at Bandera and

couldn't decide between red and white wine.

She's always been shy about being in a picture.  She was trying to knock me down and make me look like a spas!  Silly girl!


Robbie said...

You girls do know how to have fun! Even if you're not there!

Martha Nowak said...

God, I had fun!! Let's do I again, soon!