Sunday, September 18, 2016

Can It

I have had several Bright House employees visit my abode in the last five days. Finally, after 5 p.m. yesterday, the problem with my WiFi was figured out. Something about a short in the system. Go figure. Have you ever left your house to arrive back and have everything work? Not me. It just doesn't happen.


I'll bet you have run into this.  I can recall several times of going to an estate sale (back in the day; way to lazy now) and run into these cans of all sizes filled with needles, rusty pins, bias binding, a stray safety pin or snap and everything just looked sad and old.  Now we can say that about ourselves.  Currently, crystal light plastic containers are used for notions.  We seem to buy containers rather than use what can be recycled.  Oh, such waste.  But then, we would have to eat the ten thousand cookies to get the tin empty only to fill it again.

We have a welcome club cocktail party tonight and after that?  The Emmys!  Thanks for the reminder Claudia!

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