Thursday, September 15, 2016


I had a girlfriend come over to drop some stuff off and I decided to whip up a snack while we were gabbing.


I always have goat cheese on hand so I grabbed that.  My favorite use of goat cheese is as a dip with stick pretzels.  I normally, by myself, just eat it out of the container.  I decided to jazz it up a bit and so I


plopped the whole container on a plate and proceeded to change it into a work of art.  It looked great and tasted great until the ends of pretzel in the goat cheese started to get soft.  Those ends stayed in the goat cheese after a half hour or so.  I guess this isn't the best way to present it.  I will have to go back to just having the cheese block in the center of lots of pretzels surrounding it.

Bella is trying another day care today.  She goes in for a four to five hour temperament trial.

The one she went to on Tuesday is a little out of the way to go to regularly.  It was great tho' and will be my stand by place.  This new one has on line viewing so I can check on Bella when ever I want.  Now, I just need to wake her up.  This is her one minute ago!

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Robbie said...

Awwwwww....poor Gigi would fail any testing...let's face it she isn't a social dog! But I love her just the Kalee on the other hand, loves everyone! Good for Bella to socialize just like her mom! HA