Sunday, September 25, 2016

Dealing With The New (Ranch!) House

Seeing as how I completed making the parts for this sweater in less than two weeks,


I have decided that I am knitting too much and need to start doing SOMETHING at the new house. I have been over there (it is about six blocks away) a few times but it is so uncomfortable for both Bella and me because there isn't a stick of furniture in the joint so while I am measuring, etc. I can't sit down at all. I have decided to take over some cleaning supplies and a tape measure, some water and Bella's bag and quilt, and spend a little quality time there today.

Most of the major work,taking down and putting up walls, removing carpet and replacing with hardwood, and adding electrical to the new studio on ceiling and floors has been done. The stuff I need to tackle are measurements for blinds, a new front door, painting and colors, placement of studio equipment and where to put what in the kitchen, and master closets. That's the plan today.

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Robbie said...

So when do you plan to move? Hopefully, it will be a weekend you have company so everyone can help!