Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Funk It Up

Last night was $5 burger night at a local restaurant.  It takes place every Monday and I have managed to get there a few times and am gonna try to do it more often.  The burgers are fantastic, made to order and the company is grand too.  Oh yeah and it's happy hour drinks too.

I am blogging very late this morning. After doing some walking, I set into making a few preparations for the painting party we are going to in the late afternoon. I made myself in charge of refreshments that consist of the required wine, water, soda, popcorn, mixed nuts, grapes, watermelon squares with a stuffing of feta and balsamic glaze and grazers. Here is the recipe from Tommy Cooks. I didn't want to have anything that would have to be served in any way but room temperature so that is why I chose what I did.

I did this quilt for a challenge for Sarasota Modern Quilt Guild.  The challenge requirements were to take a modern spin off a traditional quilt block, using only solid fabrics and limiting the


size to any one side being not more than 24".  Can you guess what block I contemporized?  Do you need a hint?

It's my take on a nine patch, funked up.

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Robbie said...

Clever....what's the name of the burger place?? Gotta love happy hour in Florida!