Monday, September 19, 2016

I Need A Gallon Of Ice Cream

I have been doing some binge watching of television due to not having wifi and therefore not being able to download any audio books. I watched the first season of 'Billions', got caught up with 'Suits' and got half way through 'Portlandia', all the while knitting and ripping out, knitting and ripping out. 

Today I have another consult for my poor teeth before I have another one with another doctor on Wednesday. This is going to be my season of the tooth, I just know it.

I was on the phone while I walked the dog this morning and so I took a minute to take a couple pictures of my beloved 'bird of paradise' plant.


 It is a very large plant, about four foot tall and just as wide. It has a good twenty blooms on it.



 it doesn't bloom all at the same time so there are dead birds along with beautiful new ones.  I wish it didn't work like that.

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Robbie said...

I know you don't have wifi yet (you have more problems with that...what's up with that anyway!)...but when/if you have Netflix or able to get movies/series, you have to watch Foyle's War. It's a fantastic series (8 series!) that takes place near London during the war. So, so interesting and good mystery story lines along the way! I am hooked! On series 7 and hate for it to be over! HA