Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Little Masterpieces

Labor Day was the deadline for the most current 12'' quilt exchange.  Everyone was on time.  How fantastic is that?  I am thrilled with my new acquisitions.  Here they are.

This is MaryAnn's and I find it quite different that her normal, more nature-ish work.  It screams


Elizabeth from down under did marvelous work with I think is all commercial fabric.  It
calls to me, 'sticks and stones;?

If you enlarge this you can see the hundreds of  tiny french knots.  My fingers are killing me
just thinking to doing them.  And Robbie did four of these pieces!

Gayle mixed it up with this very modern leaf, or at least that is what it seems like to me.  I love the colors together.

Carol did this very clever contemporary black and white with a touch of color.  She got hers done early.

Marybeth used her hand dyed fabrics in a very unique way.  I love the had work she did on it.

These were mine.  I headed two challenges and I was a member of them both so I reap the benefits of more 12'' quilts in my stash.  I made a silk screen using masking tape and used black paint over the whole thing.  I then took fabric paint and colored in the bright colors.  The quilting was squares using both black and white thread.


pam in sw florida said...

love all of these. you are very lucky to have such talented friends who are also Prompt!

Robbie said...

I love seeing these! I have all of mine in a 'book' format and love looking at them from time to time! Thanks for heading these challenges up!!

Gayle from MI said...

Thank you very much for doing these. They are very fun!

Carol said...

So interesting to see the variety of styles. So much fun to participate. Thank you Tommy for organizing the exchange.

Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Thanks for sharing how you did your fabric.
Loved it.