Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I am not ready to do some heavy thinking about what to create next so I am just doing preparation for projects that have been put on hold.  My friend Anne and I purchased these beautiful shimmer fabrics a couple years ago and we finally made a date to sew them together in December when we get together for the last time of the year.  I have them cut and in a box to transport back north when I go back for the holidays.

I think it was Peggy that sent us a lovely quilt photo that we all agreed was a fun one to do.  Mike drew it up in Excel and along with Anne, we decided to make it.

We cut all the strips a couple weeks ago and put them in 30 groups of 12 strips.

I started combining them and cutting them down.  I have just over half of them done.  My sis comes for a visit in three weeks and we will be putting the squares together to make a very colorful quilt top.

I have my first Mahjong game today since last May.  I hope I remember how to play.

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