Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Cult Happenings

We got together with the Cult group as usual yesterday morning. There was lots to see and talk about. There was also some knitting by three of us and some projects, finished and in the works of finishing.

Lynn is ready to start quilting this challenge for the Modern guild that is a black and white piece with a touch of color and in her case, it was yellow.  Very graphic and cool shapes!

Joyce, who is new to quilting, just got this aquatic quilt back from the long arm quilter.  All the sea creatures have a large yoyo in the center of them, with the smaller yo-yos for the circles.  She also did prairie points for the first time.  It turned out wonderful.

I finished sewing up these 12 inch blocks (30 of them) and trimmed them down to size and now they are in a holding pattern, waiting for my sister Mike to come for a visit next month, so we can finish sewing them together.


Robbie said...

Idle hands are the devil's workshop...never happens in your house!! So productive!

Gayle from MI said...

Those blocks look intersting.