Tuesday, September 06, 2016

The Girls Of Summer

Here is a peek at the girls of summer.

The hair bow in Violets hair is about the cutest ever.  I could make these!

Here are the girls at their sewing station in the studio.  Violet (the forward child) has a real machine
while Charlotte has a toy one.

Can you make out that there is a wooden pig on the machine and another pink pig in an orange chair watching Violet sew?

Here we have Violet watching big sis sew and is patient (sometimes) to be content to wait two more years to tackle the real thing.

My daughter Maggie is a paddle board nut.  She spends hours doing it.

Another gal, Chai, enjoying watching Bella as she celebrates her tenth birthday.

Aunt Claudia is enjoying a Moscow Mule in a copper cup that I picked up at the store just for her.

All us gals had a grand weekend!

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