Friday, September 09, 2016

With A Hint Of Yellow

Here's the final daisy.  I thought I would show you how I apply the cording so that I have a minimal amount of bulk where seams cross.  Believe me, this was found from trial and error and some Elmers glue used on a nasty spot.


I look to see what part of the pattern is in the back of the others and do that first.  I go all the way around the quilt from back to front so the one in front will trap the end tag.  All this has to be done after
the quilting of the top is done.


This is when the quilt was partially corded.

This is a closeup of the end tags cut off and trapped under the upper cording.


This is the whole quilt corded.  For some reason it doesn't show up well in photos


but it really pops in person.  I filled in the centers of the commercial fabric in the center of the daisy with fabric paint.  All I have to do is finish the facing and the sleeve and it will join its other sisters to go to Florida.

The deadline for the daisy quilts is Halloween.  I feel like four, the copy of the original photo, the one with stripes of color, the Andy Warhol inspired one and this one.

I will not be blogging for a couple days while we make our way to Florida.  I'll get back to you then


Robbie said...

The yellow cording does really make this piece pop! Very nicely done, my friend. Safe travels!!!

Gayle from MI said...

Have a safe trip! I have been using the cording since you first showed it and I love what it does to sharpen up a simple piece as well. This one is stunning.