Sunday, October 16, 2016

October's Modern

I managed to take my 35mm camera to Modern Quilt Guild so I could share some wonderful quilts with you.

I go to the Apple Store for a scheduled appointment tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to download the hundred pictures I have taken since I did the 10 update.

My sister is visiting me for a week and we are having lots of fun.

Now, onto the quilts.


This is my friend Lynn's daisy quilt.  It turned out great.

She also did this for a challenge having to do with a dead person.  Yeah, I know, it's very odd but the quilt is luscious.

Christine was commissioned to do three bed quilts and this is one of them.

This is another.

And this is one that Christine did before that was the inspiration for this next bed

quilt.  The colors are almost interchangeable.

My dear friend Pam did this beautiful quilt for one of her kids or grandkids, I can't remember what she said.  It's very unique and clever.


She also just got this one back from the long arm gal.  It. all done with ruler.

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Robbie said...

These are all really nice works!!!!