Saturday, October 22, 2016

My New Macbook Pro

Last Monday I went to my Apple appointment.  I had to get a new computer in order to make all things right again.  They told me they would call me when the transfer of all my files from the old computer to the new.  Friday I called and after twenty minutes of waiting, I got through and they told me that the transfer was finished on Tuesday.  I was livid!  Come to find out, they sent me several emails which I didn't receive because they had my computer!  That is the only place I receive email from. 

The computer is really different.  I was on the phone with Apple last night and now have another appointment at the Apple Store on Monday.  I have lots of questions and am writing them down to ask.

My sister left yesterday.  It was loads of fun having her here.

Up next?  We move to our 'new' ranch on Tuesday.  It is a bit chaotic.  I have a lot going on. 

Oh, and I still can't download pictures.  

We are heading out in an hour to have a session of line dancing with a bunch of friends.


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Why don't you have things set up so you get your email on your iPhone, iPad and computer? Makes life a lot easier when one doesn't work or when you travel.

Robbie said...

Was going to suggest same as Kay...I like having my 'email/etc.' with me at all times. Hey, some of us old folks are techy afterall! Good luck with the should be a pro by now!

SpikeMuffin said...

Android. I was hoping it wouldn't come to line dancing.

SpikeMuffin said...
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