Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Sleepy Babies

Well I can't get my phone  camera to work at all.  Or rather I can't download any photos because of a non existent passcode blocking them.  I spent three hours at the Apple store and finally just left without anyone helping me.  That's a job for G to do for me.  He has much more patience (and free time!)   I had to pull out my 35 mm Nikon out of its bag and dust it off.  

I finally put all five quilts tops together and pinned them.  They are ready for the tying of 

the center quilt.  I bought this twine last year with no purpose for it other than that I liked it

and I think it will work perfectly for this job.  It would also look good as piping around the parts to a quilt.  But that's another day.

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