Saturday, October 08, 2016

What's Going On

Besides the fact that I am super busy, not being able to use the camera on the iPhone has changed my blog style completely. Once I get used to a habit, it's hard to go back to the 'old ways'. A dear friend of ours here in Florida, Alan, was storing some stuff in the attic area over the garage a couple days ago and fell right through the ceiling, causing all sorts of damage to himself, including a large protruding bone on his leg. He has had surgery and although they can't cast it yet, he is on the mend. Tomorrow, after three days in the hospital, is going to a rehab facility for a week or so to learn how to do things with an ailing limb and a body full of contusions and bruises and lacerations. He's a trooper though.

We are happily taking care of Odie, their dog in the interim. If I can remember to carry my camera around today, I will take a couple pictures of Odie. He is an adorable Shih tzu.


This is the first new bedding set I have chosen for the new digs.  I had to get new shades for some broken blinds I have been putting up with since we moved here, which will be three years in March.  Do you believe I didn't fix it for myself but now that the house is going on the market, and is going to  be photographed this next week, I figure it needs to be done.  I like to do an internal inspection of the house before some stranger tells me whats wrong with my house.

The painters have finished at the new house as of last night and that makes me very happy.  The  studio
is finished except for window treatments and a little finishing up of the electricity. The process of boxing up all my fabric has begun but it's gonna be a slow process.  I am not in any hurry.

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Robbie said...

My hubby had a buddy in Ocala who fell through his garage drywall...same thing! Geezzz How scary and we don't heal as quickly as when we were 20!