Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Baby Steps

Well, I am over the moon. Finally, last night, the mystery of my slow internet was solved by our Brighthouse guy. Brighthouse is the equivelant of Comcast or Frontier. Now, instead of being able to make dinner while something on the computer is opening, it happens within seconds (as it should have been doing all this time). I could tell you what the problem was but it's way to complicated for my weary brain. Now the only thing I have to get fixed is the photo problem, which is why I got a new computer in the first place! That should only be a couple days in the fixing. I am calling Apple today to set up a fix. Baby steps and all that. It the mean time live is plugging away. We have the painting of the house lined up for next week, the pool deck redone with pavers and an outdoor kitchen put in, with these two things to be done while we are back up north for three weeks for Christmas! I am having lots of fun with my friends down here. We have something planned most days. Today it's lunch and mahjong. The weather is getting cooler and so the morning walk is way more friendly. Things are looking up!

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