Saturday, November 19, 2016

I Am A Happy Gal

I got up bright and early this morning and went to Palmer Orchids with my pal Linda to get some supplies and because they were having a cutting sale, we decided we needed some of those.  I made some purchases that I am loving but I can't deal with them this morning.  I have to get some exercise and then head to Modern Quilt Guild.  I will show you what I bought later now that I can download photos!!!!  Yeah.

This is a desk that we wanted to take out of the great room/kitchen because we knew that except for filling up drawers, we wouldn't use it. The great room here is significantly smaller in this house so we decided to take out the desk.


Here it is gone away and we can't understand what that bump is on the wall where the desk once was.  Hum.


Claudia said...

I didn't even notice that bump, when the desk was there either. Mmmmm

Robbie said...

Looks like a face trying to come through the wall!!

Robbie said...

Yes, I watch a lot of horror movies!