Sunday, November 20, 2016

Orchid Update

After exercising this morning in 50º weather, we headed out with another couple to golf 9 holes and then have lunch.  The wind was blustery and took our golf balls places that were not planned.  Thankfully we didn't keep score.

We had a lovely lunch in the clubhouse and I am finally back home.  I thought I would show you some pictures I took yesterday at the Orchid store.

Believe it or not, but this is a orchid.  I would have never guessed.

There were so many flowers hanging and growing in the air that you could  barely see through the roots.

This photo did not capture the beauty of the color of this cluster of orchids.

I have no idea if this is an orchid or not but it apparently fell down, being top heavy,
and they just let it grow on the floor from that point on.

This picture just is to show another way to show off orchids; in sea shells or large snail shells.

I bought this one just because it looked like it would be growing in
some surreal wonderland.


I bought seven cuttings, each for five dollars.

I bought these bark sticks, which you can use to mount orchids on and use the long one and plant several or cut it into smaller pieces, which is what I will do.

I also got this pieces of wood with hooks for hanging on them.  You use a tie to start the orchid
adhering to the wood and then you can take the twist tie off.  I can't wait to play with my new plants!!!

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Robbie said...

WHAT!!! Pictures again!!! Yipee! Now this is the Tommy we know and love!! Orchids are beautiful. My sister grows them like weeds! She has the knack!