Monday, November 21, 2016

Sprucing Up

Bella woke up with an ear infection. I don't have a vet here in Florida so I found one and am going to be a walk in today because I couldn't get an appointment until tomorrow afternoon. I tried to clean out her ear (only one) and got some of the black stuff out but she wasn't having much to do with the clean up.

When we moved we went from a monster 4 1/2 car garage to 3 car and we were very spoiled for the


We ended up getting these storage platforms that can hold up to 900 pounds each.


They are placed so that when the garage doors are open, you can't see the STUFF on the platforms.
Brilliant. Never heard of this before.


While we were at it, we had the garage floor redone to have that speckled look.

It looks so clean and fresh.

Tomorrow is the start to painting the outside of the house. Lots going on!

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Robbie said...

Poor Bella!!! Hope she's feeling better!!! That's so yucky when they get those infections....painful for them as well.