Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Hump

I have an appointment at the Apple Store on Friday and that, hopefully will bring closure to all things update. I miss doing photos for the blog. I have a reminder on my iPod that an update is waiting. Except for the fact that the notification comes up many times a day, I am still very cautious of change. Have you seen the car commercial where a family is driving an SUV with an evergreen tree on the roof? And considering the time of year, it doesn't seem out of place, but I did notice that the tree had a ball of what I am assuming is roots at the stump end of the tree. Then the family takes the tree off the roof and the next thing you know is that it is planted in the woods and the little girl is putting a single ornament on the tree and whispers, 'See you next year". I loved the idea of not trashing all those Christmas trees each year. Why not try and save it, to grow stronger for another year of Yuletide? If you try and it works, let me know and I might even consider doing it myself! Bella gets a much needed groom today. I will run tons of errands while she is incarcerated. I am on turkey duty for Thanksgiving; that and a brussels sprouts dish and the gravy. There are several couples having Thanksgiving together and we are all splitting the duties. I haven't gotten a turkey down in Florida so I don't know much about fresh vs frozen. I think I will have to do some research on that, sooner rather than later. Thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow! Wow! That came fast! I am not big on checking the blog for errors but I can't believe that yesterdays entry was 'Babu Steps' instead of Baby Steps! Am I blind?

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Robbie said...

So glad you are back at it!