Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Day In My Life

It's really quite lonely up here in the wind and snow. Every where I look it is white. My sister just called and said she is gonna come next Monday and stay until Thursday morning. G and I and Bella will be going back to Florida on the 27th and so, with my sisters cramped schedule, now that she is retired!, we need to fit in some us time. We have already put our heads together to figure out what to long arm and do while she is here. It gives me purpose.

I sent four rum cakes off to work today. Two will go to the main office and plant and two will go to the new office and plant here in Indiana. Pretty soon we will not be doing anything in Illinois except when with the kids.


The tree and all the gift wrapping is done.  It was much simpler this year because the cousins have switched to giving all grandkids (11) gifts to giving each adult one kid to buy for.  That cut out lots and lots of wrapping (and shopping too!)  Us grandparents are just getting too old to still do it all.


Cuisinart has called for a recall on all blades of a certain food processor.  Of course, like all things of this magnitude,  their phone number is constantly busy.  I have to processors and therefore two recalled blades.  These have four rivets on them, holding on the blades and I guess they could possibly be a danger.  I am holding off replacing them anyway as I will do overtime work on the processors come Christmas.

After six days on the phone I finally was shipped my one syringe of Prolia.

This little injection cost we $1162.79 from Walmart Specialty Pharmacy (located in Orlando, Florida).  That is quite a cost cutting purchase since my previous injections, administered at the local hospital, cost over $9000!  Just having their nurse inject me cost $500.  I just opened up the package,
right out of the refrigerator, to cool down.  I saw on a show (The Affair) that not injecting meds right out of the cold refrigerator makes it much less painful  The cold is the villain.  I tried and it works!
I gathered up a handful of fat from my stomach and put the needle in and pulled the plunger.  Easy peasy.  I think I will take myself out to lunch with my savings!

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Robbie said...

I am just staying housebound for the next few days....we just had another 2" and more predicted! Tired of shoveling....but I am getting 'stuff' packed for Florida! we leave the 27th...