Friday, December 30, 2016

Back At Blogging!

I just returned home from Stitch and Bitch (The Cult).  Even though we have a no gift clause in our group, Kathy couldn't resist and gave us all quilt wine glasses.


They're not all the same but this one was mine.  Each front has a quilt pattern on it

and the back has various lines for what happens when you start at that last line.  Cute huh?

We are back in Florida, safe and sound and unpacked and warm. We started back power walking and lifting weights yesterday (our first day here).

The best thing we unpacked was Stewarts Diet Orange Cream Soda that you can get up north but for some reason it isn't available down here in Florida.  So, I brought my own.  And no, I don't share!

Up north I commissioned my son in law to replace this steel topped table (the largest of the group of three)  due to damage from years of un coaster beverages.


Take a look at this gorgeous walnut table top replacement.  I love it.  It is great to have such a talented

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Robbie said...

table is beautiful!!! Stewarts Diet Orange Cream Soda??? Hmmmmmm never heard of it...does it go with wine?? Or instead of!