Saturday, December 31, 2016

Home Improvements

New Year's Eve is upon us! We have been invited to three parties but have only opted for two of them. We are not spring chickens like the olden days. We did make it to midnight last year and we shall see (with a nap!) if we can make it to 2017 tonight.

There is tons of changes happening at the house. While we were gone all the can lights were changed out to pure white (they seem to turn yellowish with age) and all the lighting is LED. It makes everything look better. We also had tons of other stuff done. I think there were at least thirty bullets on the honey do list.

One of the big things we had done was to change out the lanai floor/pool deck.

It was some poured substance and the deck was full of cracks.

Now it is beautiful pavers


and we now have double coping all around the pool deck.  It was a mess
to clean up, what with all the dust and chunks of cut pavers.  The pool was murky even though they covered it.  It took about a week to complete.  We were sure glad not to be here while it was done!

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Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Happy New Year Tommy. Wishing you a peaceful New Year.