Friday, December 09, 2016

Joy - Times Thirty

The farthest Christmas pillow I sent was received in California yesterday so I can now reveal this years design.

I decided to utilize my stash  and use a variety of green cottons for the basic pillow.

I had a box of all sorts of lovely lace, left over from the years of making porcelain dolls all
'dolled' up with vintage clothing.


I made thirty in all.


Each year I try to make an accompanying card that resembles the pillow.
This is what this years card looked like.

I think that I will have the cut off for making pillows the year I turn 70.  I know I have to give up the gig sometime so that seems to be a fitting time.  Right now the count of years I have done the pillows is at 27.   I just did the math and I think I will do the cut off at 69 when the count for completing the pillow give away is at an even 30.  I think.

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Robbie said...

How nice of you....I like that 70 #...I said last year I wasn't making my fiber Valentine cards any more...BUT I just finished all 42 (may need 1 more!) so I'm all set or 2017. I told hubby if I die before Valentine Day he needs to mail these buggers out! I don't want all that work to go to waste! HA