Thursday, December 22, 2016

Just Another Day

I forgot to publish yesterdays blog.  I get carried away when my sis is there.  She has to leave me today to get ready for a Christmas lunch and Christmas in general.  It was fun having her these three unexpected days.  I went to the hospital for my bone density test and mammogram but I wasn't supposed to take calcium or my multivitamin so I had to skip the bone density and I can come back tomorrow and have it.  Phew!   Otherwise I would have to get it done in Florida because I will be back there this coming week.  Yeah!

Here is my sisters quilt top, all put together with one border on it.  The second border will have to wait until the extra yardage comes in the mail from Missouri Star Quilting.  I just love the fabric!

Today I go and pick up my oxtails for Christmas Day oxtail soup.  I also have a much needed pedicure appointment.  Busy busy.

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