Sunday, December 18, 2016

Let There Be Snow

The kids were here this weekend and just took off to get to a 2 p.m. pornament exchange that they have every year.

I had to bite the bullet and get a new machine for Violet.  The $99 Singer was a pain in the behind.  It wouldn't stay threaded and constantly jammed.  It didn't matter if I was using it or Violet was.  The problem with getting a new machine was the color issue.  She liked the pink one.


Last weekend my friend Peggy told me about this EverSewn machine which I had never heard of before.  We did the research on it and except for a cutter, it had everything I wanted for Violet's machine.  I used it a bunch when it was delivered and it works very well.  And it does have a little raspberry, which is in the pink family.

I was upstairs in my quilt storage room to get batting for my most recent quilt and decided to take a picture of just a small portion of my quilts, as everyone is always asking me what you do with all the quilts.  They fill doors and drawers.

Bella got a hair cut, and we had it done a little shorter in order to get some of the greasy look off her ears from a recent ear infection.  She looks adorable.

It's a winter wonderland out side.  We got about six inches this weekend and drifts up to 3 feet (due to the lake effect).  It looks beautiful but that doesn't interest Bella at all.  She wants nothing to do with all things cold.  Nine more days, but who's counting!


Robbie said...

You are such a good grandma!!! And I am counting! For myself that is...9 days we leave...11 to arrive in warmth again!

Claudia said...

Tell my little niece Bella, AC will be there soon! She looks adorable. Miss that little girl. Oh, and you too!!!!!!