Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

Here's to hoping you have a grand holiday season!

We had a lovely time at my sister in law's.  We have been joining the Fitzsimmons' on Christmas Eve since I met G, 46 years ago.  We all love to catch up and gab and gossip.  And the gift trading is fun too.

I am completely ready for our traditional Christmas meal.  I got everything ready so all I have to do


add this to the cavity of my 17 # turkey and this other packet is for the stock for the gravy.

This is my adorable niece Sarah, who just got married in March.  She brought this sweatshirt to remind us of Grandpa, G's dad.  I used to have a monogram shop and this sweatshirt was made with all the grandkids on it.

My father in law was quite a hoot!  He would even wear a sweatshirt with 'this is the front' and 'this is the back' commissioned by his wife, because he always had his clothes on backwards!!!!  It was fun to reminisce about the beloved family members that are no longer with us.

I had better get cracking on the day!

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Robbie said...

Nothing beats family time! I enjoyed time with my kids and their families so much this year. BUT it's hard to leave them for four months! Sniff, 17 yo grand daughter and I bawled our eyes out! Then my daughter cried, then my DIL and then my my hubby and my SIL stood watching us...hmmmmm