Sunday, December 04, 2016

Sri Lankan Feast

I have decided to take at least an hour a day to spend on my Photos.  They are no longer grouped in month and year; they are random.  I can pull up February 2007 and there is little Violet at eighteen months smiling up at me.  Unfortunately, Violet wasn't born until 2011.  And when I download any new photos it adds on a hundred or more that have already been in iPhoto.  I have over 30,000 photos and had to buy more iCloud space because of all the multiple pictures.  Apple told me to buy the app that gets rid of duplicates so I did but can't figure out how to use it.  @##$$%&*(&%^$!!!

I just found these pictures (in multiples of course) from our November Cause A Stir.  It was my friend Linda's turn and she took advantage of us having a terrific friend from Sri Lanka that can cook up a storm.

Saffron basmati rice with cashews and cilantro was a big hit.  I don't do rice so I can't personally give it the thumbs up but it looked beautiful and they say, you first eat with your eyes.

Fried slivered baby eggplant was phenomenal.  I ate tons of it and also the Dahl (named after Salvatore) that Linda made was very tasty, made from lentils.

I made this salad made of thin sliced campari tomatoes, cucumbers and white onions and a vinegar wash.

Here is the host, Sam, making chicken stir fry on his massive wok on his outside kitchen.

It made everything smell so wonderful, inside and out.


Peppers and onions were cooked with the chicken.

Everyone had a lovely time and raved about all the delicacies.

After the meal was cleared away we had a Sri Lankan dessert that I made with Sri Lankan tea.  I forgot the name of the dessert but it was tasty and was very similar to a flan, and perfect for someone who is gluten free because it had no flour in it but did have palm sugar and coconut milk.  Yum.

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Robbie said...

Always enjoy seeing your 'food' posts! Now I'm hungry! Off to get a treat (or two!)