Monday, December 19, 2016

The Menu

I know some of you are jealous of the wonderful snow that has consumed us, so this is a photo right out the window of my office.

This is a japanese maple that has been smothered in the white stuff.  It is barely recognizable.

One thing that we (Maggie and I) finalized this past weekend is the menu for Christmas Day.
Here it is:

Fried Rice  (these two are a tradition and are store bought)
Oxtail Soup
Mashed Potatoes
Dressing (haven't decided what kind yet)
Alton Brown's Green Bean Casserole
Some sort of cranberry concoction
Chocolate Cake

Feel free to share your most excellent cranberry recipe.  The one I chose had blood orange soda, pomegranate molasses and some other such thing that I have never heard of.  Spending 20 bucks on rarified ingredients that I don't even know is good, is not something I plan on doing.

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