Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Problem Solved

There was no shopping around for a like color or finishing in another color or even taking one more neck ribbing out to make more available yarn. My internet friend, Irene, told me to just use the top of the last row before binding off to act as my binding. And it worked!!

I had the sweater on circular needles so I just stripped off the binding and used the other end of the sweater (the one without the tail of yarn left over) to be my starting point so I could use the yarn tail to tie off the very last stitch.

I took the first stitch and put it over the next stitch.

I did that over and over until


the whole neckline was bond off, except for the last stitch

which was simple enough to thread the remaining tail of yarn through a couple times and then bury a little tail with a needle and amaze myself on all the leftover yarn I had.  Who knew?  Not me, that is, until now!

Oh yeah, I just realized that the backdrop for all these photos is my veiny, white and scarred leg.  Ick!


Claudia said...

In your own words. "legs only a mother could love"

Robbie said...

Great suggestion and it worked wonders!!