Friday, January 06, 2017

Cause A Stir!

We had our monthly 'Cause A Stir' yesterday and the theme was brunch. Corally was the host and put on a beautiful spread.

Here I am mixing up a frittata made with eggs, scallions, cheddar, cream, and cilantro.  I am first and next is the hostess Corally and Suzanne.


We had a wonderful wedge salad

and here is MaryAlice adding cheddar shredded.


Everyone got a salad and wonderful fruit with a vanilla sauce.

Here is another frittata made with potatoes and basil.  Wow was it ever good.  Homemade clover rolls with sweet butter and jam.  Yum!

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Robbie said...

We do eat well in Florida don't we! OK, we eat well in all states!