Sunday, January 22, 2017

Coming Up Short

I decided a while back to finish up some unfinished projects, just because I was at a crossroad of starting up new projects but felt a little guilty about stranding UFO's.


One such project is this little sweater that never got sewn together.  I got it all together and was ready for finishing the neckline and then binding off when I noticed a little problem.  Since I had knitted all the components, I went through my yarn and shipped off to the migrant workers, tons of yarn that would probably never get used, as there wasn't enough left.  I think maybe this lilac yarn fit that category because there is no yarn left and I have more stitches to bind off than I have yarn.  A dilemma to be sure.  Now I am going to look for the color at many many stores or undo the neckline by one row to have enough yarn to finish.  Oh dear.

1 comment:

Irene said...

There is a crochet bind off that just uses existing loops on the needles. Saved my butt many times. Good luck. Pretty color.