Friday, January 13, 2017

Cruise Prep

A bunch of my friends are going on a cruise at the end of the month. We are calling it a Mahjong cruise but it's really not. It is just that our Mahjong group is all going. You can go with or without husbands and we opted for going stag. I don't care at all what I pack to wear but I really need to get my head around my projects to do when I have down time.


The first kit I have assembled is to knit a Liberty Wool variegated  yarn sweater.  All possible accompaniments are going too.

Next up is a hexagon kit.  I love to make these little hexes using hexes of plastic cut from a Lean Cuisine bowl.  This kit is also ready for the sea.

I am planning two other projects but don't have all the supplies as yet.  One of them is the crocheted scrunchies I make out of netting, which just bought a bit ago.  Another knitting project may be added.  I have a couple of weeks to think on it.

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Robbie said...

Grass sure doesn't grow under your feet! Or hands!! You are busier than anyone else I know! Enjoy the cruise! You'll be sure to have downtime and to finish one or all of your projects!