Monday, January 16, 2017

Mama Mia Pizza Pie

G and I were like dumb and dumber with our first experience with the pizza oven. I got everything all set like I normally do


I got the stuff for the toppings ready as usually I do when we do the pizza in the regular oven.

We each roll out dough on a floured surface.  Here is G doing just that.

I rolled out my dough while G was adding toppings to his pizza.

Moving it onto the mega big peel disrupted the once lovely pizza pie.

We neglected to flour or put corn meal on the very large peel that came with the oven.  So we messily lifted up the pizza and together got corn meal under it.  And into the oven it went.  The temp was around 800º.  The pizza needs to be in the oven for three minutes.  The instructions (barely any; just times and temps for various crust sizes), called for rotating the pizza three or four times during this three minute time frame.  It's pretty comical when you see G with heat proof gloves that were way to large for him and almost up to his elbows, trying to turn his pizza.


The peel that came with the oven was very large and I remembered that I too had a pizza peel, wooden, that was more my size.  My pizza here is meatless, which is what I prefer.


You can tell the temperature just by aiming this laser gun at the oven floor.  Didn't know that existed.


There is my pizza, baking away for it's three minutes.


And here it is finished.  It tasted very good.  We need to get some different supplies and a book more knowledgable than we are.  We made a complete mess of both the kitchen in and out of the house.  Baby steps!

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Robbie said...

You'll be making deliveries before the end of winter!