Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Sarasota Surprises!

Wow! I just opened up the blog and saw that I didn't blog yesterday. I guess it just slipped my mind. I am waiting for some friends to come over to use the longarm. It hasn't been used since it was moved and I don't know if it's set up right or not. I am glad I am not alone to try it the first time here. What a chicken shit I am!!!

My girlfriend reminded me yesterday that she hasn't seen the finished "Surprising Sarasota' challenge quilt I submitted in December (actually my friend submitted it; I was up north).

It had to be 24 inches on each side but that was the only restriction.  The fabric I used for the 'S' was some dyed pieces I did at my old house in Boca Grande with my pal Melody Johnson.  I used her technique of 'special editions'.  I gave some of them away as I had so many, and that day (a Cult meeting) was when I decided to enter the challenge and the fabric was foremost on my mind.  I cut the fat quarter up in small pieces and resewed them together.  I knew what I wanted to do but not being a person that can draw, I enlisted  my sil to put the particular things I thought of when thinking of Sarasota in a drawing.

I made a few changes due to space but he helped me considerably for placement.  I wish I could have had the notes across the top like he did but I made the 'S' too big and I was way to far into it to start over.  I had my friend Kathy do the embroidery of the word sarasota.

Here is a closeup on the comedy/tragedy masks.  I painted their faces on.  I did right sides together for all these forms, so they are all sewn and turned and hand sewn on.

The palette also was done the same way.

Ditto the ballet slippers.

The ovals of the notes are done the same way.  The lines of it are just bias tape.  It was fun to do.   I named it 'Sarasota Surprises!'!


Susan Turney said...

Very cool and looks like it was fun to do!

Robbie said...

This is fabulous!!! Love, love, love it!!!! One of my favorites of your work now!!