Sunday, January 15, 2017

Shopping Is A Pleasure

Have you ever had a shopping experience where every thing on your list and other things that should have been on your list were easily found? That is what happened yesterday. I just hit it right. I went to Home Goods, Kirkland, Joann's, Pier One, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Stein Mart. My trunk was completely full. It reminded me of the old days when my sister and I would stop shopping only when the trunk was full! I probably shouldn't have admitted that. Oh well, now it's out there!

This photo is crazy and not very informative but I ordered catering napkins from Pottery Barn for the powder room to have here just like I do at the lake.  Unfortunately, they come with a big honking label on them that I have to remove and then sew up the seam that I had to rip out.  The labels are all removed, with the help of my friend Joyce, and now they are just waiting for the sewing machine.

One of the things I bought that filled up the trunk was more towels, 4 bath, 4 hand and 4 wash.  I only have four in the guest bath and in a month I will have four sharing that bath so I thought it would be nice if they got their own towel!  I always wash new towels many times to get all the lint out of them.  This is the lint (the hat is there to show you how big the pile is!) from five wash and drys.  I made the mistake of washing non like colors together for this process and looks wise, I pretty much ruined the towels.  I don't make that mistake anymore!

Today we are trying out the pizza oven for the first time.  I am pretty excited.

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Robbie said...

Can't wait to hear/see how the pizza turned out! Only you would remove labels, let alone order catering napkins for folks to use in the powder room! I thought they were quite nice at the Lake house...but I hated using them only once!!!!