Thursday, January 05, 2017

Stepping Up

Yesterdays longarm session went off very smoothly. I had three gals deciding the perfect place for it and a charity quilt for a raffle was completely quilted.

Today is Cause A Stir. I always look forward to what is the theme of the get together. I will keep you posted.

This is kinda funny. When we were having the house inspected, the inspector noticed that the stairway going to the attic didn't touch the ground.

They tried to re do the unfolding of the stair to no avail.  Then our realtor came into the garage and explained the we need to put a box under the bottom of the stair to make it fit.  He looked around the garage and said, yeah

here's your box.  Yep, we have a wooden box.  The story goes that the garage ceilings were higher than the hundreds of stairs the developer purchased.  So, instead of returning them, which I assume he couldn't, he had boxes and boxes made.  Who thinks of that?