Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Line Up

Check out this beautiful sight that we had last nite, heating up the pizza oven.


We had tons of left over pizza we had frozen and wanted to see how the new oven would respond to it.  Because it was frozen, it burnt a little at the crust so it did tell us to thaw or at least partially thaw it before cooking.  It was still yum, even if a little had to be cut off.

I have to start thinking about packing because I am going on a cruise on Saturday with my friends in the Welcome Club.  I will be returning on Thursday, coming and going through Tampa.  I have never gone on a cruise where I didn't have to fly to get to.  We are going to Key West and Cozumel and are mostly out to sea in the five days.  We will be playing Mahjong mostly and just having fun.

I also have to get a few small quilts pieced together before Friday, which is the beginning of the Cult's new bee we are trying out.  This will be a tryout for taking a day a month for all day sewing, switching it out at each others house.   We will bring lunch and ideas to share, along with sewing machines and all that other stuff you take to work days.

I need to also concentrate on the house, hanging art and things like that because, once again, I am hosting the Welcome Club Valentines Cocktail Party.

My plate is certainly filling up!

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