Friday, February 10, 2017

My Little Bundles Of Joy

I have been spending the last week making a few 12 inch quilts to add some pieces so that I can put up the remaining 12" blocks I already have. The walls (what little there is; I am speaking of the space over the six windows) need to be brightened up and they need to give me inspiration. I used parts of other quilts left over, parts of things I started and scrapped and just new stuff I put together, using stuff floating around in my brain.

This was made with the scraps I was using for a dog bed for Bella that I put on the back burner to make these eight little quilts.


This little number was made by adding on to the leftover part of a color challenge we did for
the modern guild.

These little ladders have been hanging around for ten years or so and I have had a love hate
relationship with them.  They were quite easy to finish!


This was a hawaiian block my mom gave me twenty years ago that I was supposed to use to make something else but never did.  I know that you hate that I cut it down to fit my criteria but it was that or shove it back in a box like it was before I made it into this little quilt.

I still had a group of fabrics to do an improv quilt in a retreat last year bundled together.  I did make the quilt last year and made this little brother this week.

My photograph people have been very near and dear to my heart so I made some  itty bitty ones to make up this 12" block.

This quilt was copied from a quilt I have over a bed up north at the lake.  I made the original at least twenty years ago and always liked it.  Now I can like it here!

My 'shovel' series was a favorite of mine and I always wanted to get back to doing more.  This little one will help me get inspired to do some more.

They will all be put up in the studio, either today or tomorrow.  I no longer will get up on a ladder without someone with me so that will have to fit into G's golf schedule and he golfs for the next four days so later on in the afternoon will have to do.