Tuesday, February 28, 2017

On With The Show

As you know, if you have followed me at all, that I get very sidetracked. Especially with any company. All of a sudden it is evening and I don't know where the day went. That's what happened yesterday. Oh well! I can blame my sister for all the distraction; that and the many meals we planned and prepared for the next week of many meals.

I want to take you back to the quilt show because I will be going to another this Friday and my beautiful blogging quilts will be in a queue. And I will add a promo about the Friendship Knot Quilters Guild of Sarasota's quilt show, they have every other year. It is called 'Quilts In Paradise' and it is Friday and Saturday, the 3rd and 4th of March. It is being held at the Robarts Arena on Fruitville Road (3000 Ringling Blvd), Sarasota, Fl 34237.  It is held on Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and on Saturday from 9 to 4.


This is named 'Madonna' and was done by Brittany Burton.  It was hand quilted, machine pieced and quilted and hand embroidered.


'Not Easy Being Green' was done by Mary Kessler.  It was both machine pieced and quilted.  It's one of my favorites.


'Go North' was done by Maritza Soto.  It too was machine pieced and quilted.


WIN THIS QUILT !!!!!!  I bought six tickets but I guess I didn't win because I haven't gotten a call.
It's called 'Los Angeles' and was done by Gina Pina, machine pieced and machine quilted.


'Made in GDR 26' was made by Emily Doane, and it was based on a teacup design.  It was machine pieced and machine quilted.


Cheryl Brickey did this quilt called 'Cloud Burst'.  It was paper pieced and machine quilted

'Boulder Field' was done by Kathy York and was both machine pieced and machine quilted.


'Two' is the name of this quilt and maybe it's named because two colors of red were used?  Not sure, but that's my guess.  It was all done by machine.

Amy Friend did this work called 'Caged'.  It too was done all by machine.

Another favorite of mine is this one called 'Vertigo' and Elaine Poplin did it by some hand appliqué and machine piecing and machine quilting.  Karen and I spent a while evaluating how it was completed and never came up with a 'for sure' explanation of the construction.  If you look at it long enough, you feel like you have vertigo!!!!

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Love the Vertigo quilt!!